Obtaining An Intermediate English Language Level Knowledge And Skills

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Requisite Entry-Level Knowledge and Skills

ESL college-bound students participating in this intensive English hybrid course will all have had to attain an intermediate English language level. At an intermediate writing level, students will have acquired the ability to write at least complete paragraphs, using topic sentences, supporting details, examples and concluding sentences. They will have also acquired the formatting skills used to write an essay. They will have developed an ability to put their own ideas into words. They will have demonstrated their ability to conduct at least minimal research. These skills and are needed to be able to advance to the next level of writing a research paper.
Prior Knowledge and Skills
For some students, this will be one of their first experiences writing a research paper. A few students may have written summaries of research, or orally summarized a reading, but the most have not been instructed on the strategies of paraphrasing. Learning to paraphrase is an important aspect of writing research papers while avoiding plagiarism. The students may have heard about plagiarism but at this point often do not know how to evade this issue. When asked to paraphrase, students may try to change a few words around, or even find a synonym or two to replace an original word in a research text, but they unsuccessfully paraphrase the materials. Some students may begin to put the information in their own words, but at times the meaning is lost

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