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As learned in Occupations, completing a developmental profile can be beneficial in both, learning about a client and identifying their needs. Through identifying a client’s needs, occupational therapists can create appropriate interventions to assist the client with those needs. These interventions can be beneficial in improving a clients well-being and life balance.
Occupational Profile J.N. is an 84-year-old female. She grew up in Kingston, Pennsylvania with her parents and brother. Her brother was the most significant person in her life. She expressed how proud she was of him by saying that he was recently inducted into the Pennsylvania Athletic Hall of Fame. He was the first to be inducted from the class of 1950. J.N. also has a niece …show more content…

For J. N.’s occupation of work, she was employed at Pennsylvania Water & Gas Company. She was employed there for many years, and expressed that when she began working there, it was only called the Pennsylvania Water Company, because they had not yet bought out the gas company. J.N. is a woman who is full of life. Some of her character traits include that she is friendly, funny, supportive, and always willing to help those around her. J.N. expressed that when growing up, she had older parents, which she believes, allowed her to have a special connection with older people throughout her lifetime. One occupational experience that J.N. has experienced is caring for her friend, for many years. Before and after her friend’s accident, J.N. was her primary caregiver. Some of her patterns of daily living include going for a walk everyday that it is nice out and going to the store. At night she follows a specific pattern, which includes the activities of getting coffee at 4 p.m., boiling a pot of hot water for her neighbor at 6 p.m., and watching the evening news at 7 p.m. Some things that J.N. likes are music, playing the piano, listening …show more content…

is an open music group. By having an open music group once a week, residents at the facility will be able to join together and engage in all different forms of music. Some of these forms could include karaoke, playing instruments, and bringing in local singers to perform. This is a group that may be able to be personalized to the interests of the residents. J.N. expressed that she loved singing, playing the piano, and listen to other vocalists from around the community. Having an open music group, would allow the residents, such as J.N., to choose what kinds of music they would like to engage in from week to week. The first meeting could be an open discussion about the interests the residents have pertaining to music. There could also be a local artist to welcome the residents to the group and perform. While J.N. does believe she has a good life balance, she does not meet many people with the same interests as her. By having a open music group, J.N. may be able to meet more people that she has common interests with. J.N. mentioned that while she does have a lot of friends, many of them are becoming ill. Since they are becoming ill, it is more difficult for J.N to be able to spend time with them, doing some of the activities that they love to do together. This group could expand on J.N.’s friendship circle, and allow J.N. and her friends to welcome new people in. If this group was to expand over a few weeks, it would allow J.N. to

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