Occupational Therapy : What Puts It Above The Rest

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Occupational Therapy: What Puts it Above the Rest Occupational Therapy is one among many other therapeutic ways in which to correct a physical or mental problem. The main goal of this type of therapy is “to enable people to participate in the activities of everyday life” (Definition of Occupational Therapy). Through Occupational Therapy, there is hope to regain majority to full use in the area that was damaged. There are many different situations in which this type of therapy could be required, it is just dependent on the diagnosis and extent of injury. Along with this branch of therapy, Physical and Speech therapy are also prominent in the rehabilitation of a patient. Physical Therapy is a widely known and effective way in which …show more content…

Exercises completed during sessions could include stretching on a padded mat to increase swiftness and ability to lift up and out of bed or sitting position, or the pulling apart of elastic bands to increase upper body duration. Other tools such as weights are used in different positions to increase strength and ability with everyday movements such as standing or lifting. However, in an outpatient clinic, patients are homebound and would potentially be capable of participating in a higher form of activity. “It often includes a variety of exercise equipment and machines to improve strength and balance” (The Difference Between Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy). Machines that are seen in a normal gyms such as a treadmill or stationary bike would be tools used for increased resistance and range of motion on a patient. Lastly, within a home setting, Physical Therapy will be based from the reason their medical status would keep them homebound. The job of the PT would be to improve quality of life and accessibility at home. An example of what the home patient would do could include: walking up and down stairs, strength exercises from the side of the bed or counter, and getting into and out of a vehicle. Overall, however, Physical Therapy’s purpose is to reduce pain, increase movement and agility, and strengthen a weakened area from injury or surgery. The Second most common therapy known in today’s society is Speech therapy.

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