Ocean Personality Traits Exercise Analysis

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The Ocean Personality Traits Exercise is a personality test that results in a score in 5 characteristics, Openness, Conscientious, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Quirkiness. In the class women’s Conscientious score was 1.29 higher than the national score. In addition, In the class the women’s score for quirkiness was 2.19 higher than the national women’s score. Seeing that these category scores are higher for the women in class than the national women’s score, it could be said that the women in class scores are higher because they are in their first year in college, the majority are away from home and out of their comfort zone. The scores also show that the national women’s score is 1.08 lower than the class women’s score which could show that the national women have been more experienced with things that have caused them to be more closed off while the…show more content…
This could tell that women in class who are in college feel less comfortable than the men in college and nationally women feel more comfortable than men. one category which the scores were close in both men and women in the class and nationally is agreeableness which could be a characteristic that is balanced between men and women. My scores for the personality test were similar to the scores of the national women with a few exceptions. My openess score was 2.78 from the womens class score and 1.82 from the mens. Which is likely from how aware my mother made me and to not trust anyone. I was only 1.7 from the national womens’ and 1.8 from the mens national which isnt too far off. For the other characteristics I was similar to the nation’s score of women and more of a difference from the women in class. I believe this has to do with my maturity level being higher than most and being more confident in
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