Narrative Essay On Junior High School

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The day has finally arrived! I had been waiting for this day to come for forever it felt like. I am no longer in elementary school. Today is the day that I start Junior High. I can not wait to go to school . I rush out of the house door to meet my friends as quickly as I can, bursting with excitement. As I approached the front doors of the school with my friends, I was still bursting with excitement, in fact we all were. This was going to be the best 3 years of our lives cause we were in junior high and officially teenagers. The school was the biggest school that we had yet to attend, stretching for miles it seemed like. We saw all of the older, cool kids walking into the school and wanted to be just like them. Then there was …show more content…

This is when I started to worry even more. Do I have everything that I need for the class? Will I be in trouble if I forget something? Am I going to know anyone that I have classes with? I froze at my locker thinking about all of the possible scenarios that could happen and possibly go wrong. I knew I couldn't stay at my locker any longer or I would be late for my first class on my first day of school and that's not what I wanted to happen. Slamming my locker door shut, I slowly walked down the hall to my first class. I finally arrived at my first period class and suddenly it was like my feet were glued to the floor, preventing me from going any further. I paused for a moment and casually looked in the classroom. Upon looking in the classroom, I noticed that is was just like every other classroom that I had been in. Plain white walls, a chalkboard, rows of desks for the students and a desk for the teacher. Another thing I noticed though is that a majority of these kids were just like me. There was lots of strange and unfamiliar faces to everyone in the classroom, not just me. So I took a deep breath and went in the classroom, finding a empty seat to sit in. As I sat waiting patiently, the teacher walked quickly into the classroom, rushing like I have seen teachers do in the past. The teacher stated their name, gave the class an introductory speech about themselves and about what the class was going to be like. This is when all of my

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