Officer Gainer Recommendation

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1. Forwarded with my highest recommendation for selection to the Direct Commission Engineer (DCE) Program.

2. Petty Officer Gainer is a highly motivated, hard working, dedicated and intelligent leader. He has continuously demonstrated his determination and commitment to the Coast Guard core values by pursuing his professional, education, and Coast Guard goals. He quickly set himself apart from his peers as a successful and driven member by actively pursuing leadership roles as a qualified Situation, Communication, and Vessel Traffic Service Petty Officer. Petty Officer Gainer is one of the finest candidates I have had the pleasure to recommend for commissioning in the Coast Guard and I am confident he will be an outstanding addition to the
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Petty Officer Gainer consistently demonstrates the highest standards of leadership, initiative, and accountability that well serve him well as a commissioned officer. Despite having no prior sector experience Petty Officer Gainer completely qualified in the minimum required watches greatly increasing the watch rotation for his peers. In Petty Officer Gainer’s seven months of duty at SOHV he has stood 912 hours of watch, and expertly managed 23 cases directly resulting in $123,325 of property saved, 13 lives assisted, and 1 life saved. Seeing an opportunity to further help the watch rotation and increase his personal professional development Petty Officer Gainer volunteered to qualify as a Communication Unit (CU) petty officer.

4. In addition to his main duties Petty Officer Gainer’s leadership qualities extend beyond the Command Center. Petty Officer Gainer understands that a good leader exemplifies the Coast Guard’s core values of honor, respect, and devotion to duty at all times. Petty Officer Gainer is an active member of the Morale Committee, the Leadership and Diversity Advisory Council, and the Partnerships in Education Program. Since Petty Officer Gainer’s arrival Operation Specialist participation in extracurricular activities has increased
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