Essay on Oil Conflict in Nigeria

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Oil Conflict in Nigeria
This paper will discuss the Oil conflict that is occurring in Nigeria. Discussed will be the types of power that the two feuding parties are using and whether their strategies have been effective as well as the influence they have had on the conflict. The contrasting cultural differences and similarities will be discussed as well. The conflict in Nigeria has turned deadly and a successful communication environment must be developed in order to restore peace to the region. The oil conflict in Nigeria consists primarily of two parties the oil companies and the local interests. The conflict has turned deadly as individuals have protested through violence their frustration for what they believe to be
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Having associations with the government definitely gives them a legal and formal authority advantage. The locals have implored a personal power approach in engaging the oil conflict. The locals do not have the structural resources that the oil companies do so they have to rely on habitual, moral, nuisance, and personal characteristics when applying power to the conflict. Many individuals have protested in a nonviolent manner however there are many who have taken a violent hostile approach with their power. Militant groups and locals have been using a nuisance approach by participating in sabotage to oil pipelines causing significant spills in an attempt to take control of the conflict. According to Omeje (2005) “Oil companies with considerable onshore operations like Shell, ChevronTexaco and Ajip have repeatedly attributed many of the cases of spills surrounding their oil facilities to criminal sabotage by locals aiming to receive compensation money.”
The most extreme use of power has been through the use of deadly violence. Locals have been paying militant groups to attack oil companies, government officials, and anyone they believe to be opposing them. This demonstration of power has brought worldwide attention to the conflict with negative response. The use of power that the oil companies have engaged in has been very effective. By using their associations with government officials and legal resources the oil companies have been able to control the land that
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