Oil Filter Research Paper

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Acquire a small funnel to replace the bad oil. Nevertheless, purchase a car ramp for cars that are low to the ground. Now that you have these tools present, it is time to start the oil change. Start off by getting underneath the car to locate the oil screw. It looks like a pan cut in half with a large screw attached, and the oil filter should be located near that very spot. Once located, find a socket attachment that fits the screw firmly. Next, loosen the screw a little and place the oil container underneath the oil screw. Now, start unscrewing it with fingers until the screw is completely off. Let the bad oil leak out until it is done dripping; then, wipe the screw hole off as well as the screw with the dirty towel. Use the socket to replace…show more content…
Start by placing the oil pan underneath the oil filter. Normally, they are very easy to take off by using bare hands and turning the filter counter clock wise. In worse cases, they are on glued shut so a flat tip screwdriver and hammer are needed. Take the hammer and bang the screwdriver into the side of the filer all the way through. Then, hold the driver and turn it counter clockwise to loosen filer and the rest in history. Now, replace the old filer with the new one, but first lubricate the ring around the new filter with oil. This allows the filter to go back on smoothly. Once you have replaced the filer and secured it, it is now time to pour the new oil into the car. When those tasks are complete, get out from underneath the car along with the oil container. Furthermore, open your hood and locate the oil cap, and unscrew it. Place the funnel inside the hole and pour the proper amount of oil required by the car. Once successfully done, now you can remove the funnel and replace the oil cap. Next, turn on the car and let the new oil run throughout the car. Nevertheless, it is time to clean up all the tools and put them away. After ten minutes have passed by, you can now turn off the car and you are
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