Old Man and the Sea Essay

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Ernest Hemingway wrote The Old Man and the Sea to show how you can push through the hardest of times and still not be defeated. The story shows how an old fisherman overcame an unlucky slump with the support from a young boy that loved and helped Santiago named Manolin. Santiago fought through the discrimination of the other old fisherman and refused to give up. Through Santiago’s struggles when trying to catch the great marlin, he kept pursuing his goal. Through sweat and tears Santiago never gives up before accomplishing his goal. He endured the pain of slicing his hands on the fishing line many of times in return to pull up the biggest fish he had ever landed.
In the end Santiago had the obstacle of beating away multiple sharks …show more content…

Santiago states that “A man can be destroyed but not defeated.” Soon Santiago wonders if killing the fish was a sin. He believed that he killed the marlin for a good cause, which was to feed himself and many others. He claimed that if killing the marlin was a sin then everything was a sin. Two hours later, two sharks arrive at the skiff. After losing his harpoon to the other shark, Santiago fastens his knife to the end of the oar and now uses this against the sharks. He kills the first shark easily, but while he does this, the other shark is ripping at the marlin underneath the boat. After some struggle, he kills this shark as well.
Santiago apologizes to the marlin for the mutilation he had to suffer. He admits, "I shouldn't have gone out so far, fish. I am sorry, fish" (Hemingway 110). Tired and losing hope, Santiago sits and waits for the next shark. The old man succeeds in killing the fish but breaks his knife blade. More sharks appear at sunset and Santiago only has a club with him to beat them away. He does not kill the sharks, but scares them away so they don’t come back. Santiago then looks forward to the night so he will be able to see the lights of Havana, which will direct him back to shore. He regrets not using the marlins sword as a weapon when he had the knife and apologizes again to the fish. At around ten o'clock, he sees the light of Havana and steers toward it. During the

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