Old is Unique

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Growing up in Nepal, I used to get irritated when I hear typical Nepali music playing on the radio or the cassette player. Almost all of the songs were alike with slow and lengthy pace and had that old feel to it. There were no other alternatives to choose except to embrace what I am used to. But as I grew up and my taste on music diversified, I realized the music I used to hear before are very different, rare and uninfluenced from another culture. Music around the world has been revolutionized for a long time, the music of Nepal hasn’t altered much. Nepali music, even today, is unique, old and very rooted to its culture. It is said that music was initially introduced in Nepal during the middle ages. But, it is believed that music was present in Nepal long before. During that era, Nepal was divided into different states with their own identities. The royal families were known for their interest in the arts, as a result, it quickly flourished to the interest of the people. Drama created on those eras started using the effects of sound and music, mostly produced physically. One kind of music that it is still relevant today is Ghazal. It is an ancient form of music mostly said in a poetic form that every ending word in the line rhymes with the previous one and each line shares the same meter. This type of music is generally sung without the background score, but it depends on how the singer wants to vocal. The Ghazal is can be understood as a poetic

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