Oldlu Ku Klux Slavery

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Growing up in school we have learned about the history of this country. We learned how we got here, how this all started and slaves. Slavery used to be a gigantic issue in our country (depending on the person, this is not true in all cases and I am not trying to offend anyone by this statement). We would steal people of different skin color and order them to do our work ‘or else’. If the slaves were to not do the work or anything else the master told them, they will be punished. It seems that we would be the ones to get punished by the law. Unfortunately, we were the ones creating the laws and so this kind of behavior was acceptable. “There were severe punishments for a slave striking a white person, burning or attempting to burn…show more content…
I will never forget, I saw a real old darkey woman slave down on her knees praying to God for his help. She had a bible in front of her. Course she couldn’t read it, but she did know what it was, and she was prayin’ out of her very heart, until she drawed the attention of them old Klu Klux and of ‘em just walked in her cabin and lashed her unmerciful. He made her get off her knees and dance, old as she was. Of course the old soul couldn’t dance but he just made her hop around anyhow”. In this quote the word unmerciful really stood out. The Klu Klux unmercifully lashes the old lady, and then humiliated her for her beliefs. Why was this allowed? Because the people were only owned by their masters. Slaves are almost like a cup. You see a cup, you say “that is a nice cup”, so you buy it. When that cup is bought with your money, it belongs to you. That is how they viewed slaves. If you were to buy a slave you had access to do what you please with…show more content…
They knew that they wouldn’t stay out to long, or else they would get a whoopin’, but they never knew how it all started and why the whites did what they did. The white people believed that by whipping them, they could make them obey, and create them into their personal robots. Unfortunately, white people made the rules of the land, and so they had all power over everything that they owned. We have always learned in school about kings, queens, monarchy’s, and other powerful people controlling others. It is in our human nature to survive be above others and by treating them in such a horrid way, they felt that
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