Olympic History Essay

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The Olympic sports are a world competition, and there are a variety of world records. Cesar Cielo, from Brazil swam 20.91 in a 50 meter freestyle in 2009, as well as the 100m freestyle the same year. Paul Biedermann of Germany swam the 200m and 400m freestyle race in 1;42 and 3:40 in 2009. Zhang Lin from China swam the 800m freestyle in 7:32 in 2009. Sun Lang from China swam the 1500 m freestyle in 2009. Liam Tancock from Great Britain swam the 50m backstroke in 51.85 in 2009. Ryan Murphy from from the U.S swam the 100m backstroke in 51.85 in 2009 and 2016. Aaron Perisol from the U.S swam the 200m backstroke in 1.51 in 2009 and the 50m backstroke in 2017. Ippei Watanabe of Japan swam the 200m breaststroke in 2.06 . Rafael Ramos of Spain …show more content…

Courtney Bartholomew swam the 100 back in 55.92 during 2015. Caitlin Leverenz of the U.S swam the 400 IM in 4:24 during 2011. Overall the U.S has incredible swimmers which represent the country and nation greatly.

Sarah Sjöström was born August 17, 1993 in Sweden. Sarah is an incredible swimmer who specializes in the butterfly stroke, backstroke and freestyle. Sarah began swimming in 2003. Sh then attended the 2008 European Championships Sjöström, won her first international gold medal in the 100m butterfly, she was only 14 years old. Although she is a national swimmer, not much is know about her childhood, until the age of fourteen in which, which is when the story truly begins.

On 26 July 2009 at the 2009 World Aquatics Championships Sjöström set a world record with a time of 56.44, beating Inge de Bruijn's nine-year-old record. The next day, in the finals for the women's 100m butterfly, she won the gold medal and beat her own world record, to 56.06. The next year at the 2010 EAC in Budapest, Hungary, she defended her 2008 gold medal by winning the women's 100 m butterfly stroke. During the 2013 European ESCS in Herning, Denmark Sjöström she won four medals total. On 5 July 2014 she broke the world record in the 50 meter butterfly (long course) with a time of 24.43. Sarah also he broke the old record has been compared with Bob Beamon's 1968 long jump world record, by only 0.64 seconds.
At the 2015 World Aquatics Championships, she

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