On A Trip At Delaware

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On a trip to Delaware:
We got off the bus at Wilmington and a woman sat down next to me. Cocaine burned my nose and I couldn’t stop swallowing air. I told her I felt like I was on fire. She drew me a map to the nearest lake. She told me you shouldn’t depend on one person too much, but on everyone you meet just a little bit. Then she tore her cigarette because she only wanted half.

On the human who makes it hard for me to even remember my name:
I used to get very high and fall asleep on subways that were on endless loops and on one, I found a journal from the 90s and I thought that was the most interesting thing I would ever find, but then I met you in our friend’s apartment when I was drunk and you were eating birthday cake off a paper towel.

On a really cool writer and what to do about him, especially when you’re reading him on a bus to Virginia:
I know there are a lot of reasons to be critical of Jack Kerouac and I am open to them and I enjoy discussing them, but all else aside let’s not forget that he did one cool thing and that was: he inspired/continues to inspire young people to do things differently and to travel and to reject a bunch of potentially harmful societal ideals based around wealth and formal education and conventional morals. Somewhere I read that Jack Kerouac is dangerous to read before you turn 25 and I agree and that’s why I think everyone should read Jack Kerouac’s work before they turn 25.

On crying in a public bathroom in Grand Rapids, Michigan:…

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