On My Lunch Break I Entered A Wendy’S Fast Food Drive Thru

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On my lunch break I entered a Wendy’s fast food drive thru to order a strawberry frosty and two bacon double cheese burgers. I made a call from my cell phone while waiting my turn in line to order. I sat behind the cars and put Clinette on the speaker system that blasted her voice through the cab of my truck. Her sexy voice answered. “Hello, Clinette speaking.” I smiled at her tempting tone. “Damn, Clinette you make it sound like you knew I was calling.” Clinette laughed. “Don’t flatter yourself Walker.” She told me then stopped and paused. “Wait a minute. Do you have me on that speaker system again?” She questioned me. I continued to smile from the cab of my Lincoln Navigator. …show more content…

Damn!” She said with a ghetto fabulous attitude interrupting me, while trying to give her my order. Her voice spoke volumes about what she thought about her job talking to someone else in the background. I took in her tone and quickly judged her. “Damn, bitch! What is that all about?” I asked her through the speaker. “Look, are you going order or what?” She snapped. “All I want is a strawberry frosty and two double bacon cheeseburgers I have to go back to work if you don’t mind!” “Your total is 3.58 cents.” I took out a 10.00 dollar bill and drove up to the window. I looked up into the cashier’s booth. To my surprise, an overweight, bad built, big, black

and ugly as ever but however dressed down to her Wendy’s socks, stood there mean mugging me with her hand out with case of I’m having a bad day because I chose this job to work at, looking ass. I paid the attendant the ten-dollar bill that was stuffed in the ashtray full of smoked pre-Mo roaches for her skank ass. I laughed under my breath tossing the remains of the smoked marijuana cocaine laced cigarettes out of the widow before driving up to the pay window. “Here you go baby.” I said placing the ashy money in her hand. “You need some love in your life you’re not getting at home?” I asked her smiling. The stressed-filled woman looked at my handsome brown demeanor

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