Oncology Career Essay

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“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” – Joseph Campbell. The medical specialty in which I have chosen to dedicate this essay is the field of Oncology. I have chosen to begin with the quote above because I feel that it describes the true identity of an oncologist. I admire the strength and endurance it takes for them to deal with such a life changing disease every day.
The field of oncology has three major areas: medical, surgical, and radiation. Once a patient has been diagnosed with cancer, they are referred to a medical oncologist. The oncologist will begin by explaining in detail the diagnosis and stage. Next, the oncologist will explain all relevant treatment options, giving their professional opinion in which will bring about the best results for the patient. They will also help the patient to manage cancer-related pain and other symptoms, and will do their best to control treatment related side effects …show more content…

The first step to becoming an Oncologist is to earn a Bachelor’s degree. Following this, they will have to complete the MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test), and should then apply to a medical school program. After graduating from medical school, the student moves onto a 3-4 year residency, which is when they will explore the different fields of oncology and choose their sub-specialty. Next, they will go on to pursue a fellowship in the sub-specialty they have chosen, leading to the final step, which is to obtain a license and become board certified. Most oncologists start their careers in hospitals, and once established, move on to work in a private practice. As of 2015, here in Canada we have a total of 517 Medical Oncologists, 13 of which work right here in Nova Scotia. In 1995, there were just over 200 Oncologists in Canada, so as you can see, this number has continued to grow every

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