Future Healthcare Administrators With The Comprehensive Understanding Of Patient 's Perception

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The purpose of this paper is to provide future healthcare administrators with the comprehensive understanding of patient’s perception in real health care setting. It is important to understand your customers and their point of views regarding their experiences in the current healthcare system. Understanding your patients will help you not only to provide efficient quality care but also to exceed customers expectations. I chose to share Patient A’s experience because she was first referred to a medical oncologist by her primary care doctor. She underwent bilateral mastectomy and ongoing radiation therapy. Patient A was in Hospital A for three days and was discharged afterwards. Patient A dealt with wide range of health care professionals, …show more content…

The primary care physician referred Patient A to a medical oncologist. The medical oncologist examined Patient A cancer conditions and found out that the cancer is still in stage one. The oncologist clarified to Patient A and Patient A’s husband that chemotherapy is not necessary. He gave her a clear explanation of the risk that the cancer cells could spread to her lymph nodes if she did not start her treatment immediately. The oncologist answered Patient A questions with sympathy and respect. Patient A was then admitted to Hospital A, which is known to be one of the best hospitals in town. Patient A has never been hospitalized before. She is also scared and worried about her surgery. The surgical oncologist communicates effectively about the procedures. Before the surgery, the surgical oncologist held Patient A’s hand and comforted Patient A not to worry too much because she is in good hand. After the surgery, Patient A woke up in the PACU (recovery room). Patient A was then transferred to a hospital room. Patient A said, “the room is clean and have a window with a beautiful view,” (Patient A, personal communication, February 23, 2015). Even though Patient A is still in pain, the nice and beautiful hospital environment makes her feel at ease. Patient A was assigned several nurses during her three days stay at the hospital. Everything went well until the second night at the hospital room. A new nurse was

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