One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich: Summary Essay

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One Day In The Life of Ivan Denisovich: Summary

In the book One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, the main character Ivan and the other prisoners in the camp are treated very badly. Ivan tries to make himself warm and to get enough food to keep himself alive. He does only what is necessary to please the guards and the commanders of the camp. Ivan uses his intelligence to make his life easier so he can save up more energy to face the work load. He and the members of the 104th group manage to survive because of
Ivan's personal attention to himself and his care about the others. More importantly, Ivan survives because his intelligence, his spirit, his deception and careful teamwork.

Ivan has to be smarter than the guards in the camp, so, …show more content…

so he wants to save his own life and go home in order to have freedom. Also, in his mind, work is not for money, but for satisfaction. So, he does not think that work is boring and hard to do, he thinks that they are chagelles.

Ivan is careful about what he does in the camp, therefore he does what is appropriate to do in the camp. He does not take other person's left overs to eat even when he is extremely hungry. This reduce the chances of getting disease so he may live longer. When Ivan is sick, he goes to the sick bay and he does not hang around very often there, unless he is feeling really ill. The man in charge of there will not think that he is just pretending. Also, Shukhov has made his own spoon to use, so he does not have to use hands to eat. This again can reduce the chances of Ivan getting diseases. Therefore, Ivan can survive because of what he does in the camp.

Ivan has to be deceptive in order not to be discovered by the guards and the prisoners. When he sees a bit of a hacksaw blade on the ground, he thinks that he has no immediate use for it, but he still keeps it and hides it in a cobbling knife and perhaps trade it for bread. Furthermore, a good towel can make a man's work better, Ivan therefore have fools the person in charge of the tool-store and get the best trowel. He hides it so that he can work a lot easier with that good trowel. This was in the book as, "Shukhov had fooled the man in the tool- store and pocketed the

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