One Of The Reasons Janell May Be Becoming More Withdrawn

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One of the reasons Janell may be becoming more withdrawn is that her primary caregiver, Miss Shaw, recently was hospitalized. Miss Shaw took care of Janell from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm while Janell’s father was at work. Miss Shaw fell when lifting Janell from her bed to her wheelchair and broke her hip bone. Janell may also feel partially responsible for Miss Shaw getting hurt. Another possible reason is that Janell’s classmates have started to make fun of her physical appearance, especially her crossed eyes, her weight, and her wheelchair. These comments most likely make Janell feel unwelcome in the classroom and like she’s an outsider. Janell may find it difficult to approach her classmates because of the comments and this makes her feel as…show more content…
By giving Janell and a few other students a specific job, it creates a commonality between them where they can hopefully begin to develop a relationship of some kind. To address the jokes made by Janell’s peers, if the school does not have an anti-bullying campaign, this may be a good time to start one. If there is an anti-bullying program in place, Mrs. Bowman could take time each day to reinforce the ideals of the program in her classroom. Even if there is not a school wide anti-bullying program, Mrs. Bowman can still discus the topic in her classroom. If there are specific students who continually make mean comments about Janell, it is appropriate to pull them aside and talk to them about the issue. Disciplinary action can be used as a last resort if Mrs. Bowman feels that the discussions did not help eliminate the issue. Also, if Janell and her father are willing, an informational presentation could be given on spina bifida so the students in the class are more familiar with the challenges Janell faces. 3. Why do you think Mr. Metz refused to come to the school for a conference? Do you think it was a good idea for Janell’s teachers to make a home visit? Mr. Metz works long hours so it is possible that he was not able to meet with Janell’s teachers at the times they suggested. Especially now that Miss Shaw is no long able to care for Janell, Mr. Metz has to find a new

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