One-Time Telephone Intervention

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Outcomes of a one-time telephone intervention for smoking cessation in adults In adult smokers, of all races and genders, between ages 18 and 50 years old, living in Urban areas of the United States (P), how effective is nicotine replacement therapy (I) compared to counseling with nicotine replacement therapy (C) in complete smoking cessation (O) within six months (t)? The purpose of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness of a onetime telephone counseling session in addition to nicotine replacement therapy in relation to long term smoking cessation. The author hypothesize that long term smoking cessation will occur with the use of nicotine replacement therapy and a one-time telephone conference. This experimental design was completed in …show more content…

E., Kapella-Mshigeni, S., & Campbell-Heider, N. (2015). Outcomes of a one-time telephone intervention for smoking cessation in adults. Journal of Addictions Nursing, 26(4), 184.

Hypothesis, Aim or Purpose of Study
The authors clearly identified the purpose of their study in the methods section. The author states, “The purpose of this study is…”. The author did not specifically state the hypothesis, the reader had to guess.
Literature Review There are fifteen references that are less than five years older from the publication date. The thirteen references more than five years older from publication date. There are five references more than ten years older than article publication date. All of the references are logical, relevant and support the need for the study.

Conceptual Framework There is no framework used for the study.
I believe the methodology was appropriate for the population and setting being studied. The authors did not describe the methods used well enough that someone else could replicate the study. It was not clear what test was used to analyze the data and it was not clear how the particpants were selected into the different groups. …show more content…

The study only included percentage of the seven-month quit rates.
One limitation provided by the authors is the inability to confirm the smoking status since the participants gave self reported data. Another limitation is the high dropout rate of the study. The data anaylsis did not describe the test used and did not provide a P-value.
The purpose was detailed and clear. The participants in the study was various races and had diverse educational background. The authors did not provide a valid reason for the reader to believe their results because the research data was consistent or solid.
Discussion/Implications for Practice
The Level of Evidence of this study is level 4. The discussion section of the article matches the article topic. The author was honest that a different type of research should be done to further answer the hypothesis. The author provides clear implications and recommendations for practice labeled as Nursing implications.
Appraisal: Worth to Practice
After appraising the article, I determined the study is not worthy to be included in the evidence to support my PICOT question. The study is not a solid study and does not have strong evidence to back up the

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