Online Games For Human Resource Management

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1. “Candy Crush, meet the corner office. Online games aren’t just for playtime anymore. Small and midsize businesses can take a cue from their large competitors, who are increasingly using online games to recruit, educate and energize their staffs. By the end of this year, more than 70% of global businesses will utilize at least one gamified application, according to the Gartner Group. And a panel at last year’s Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) conference named “gamification” one of the top 10 HR technology trends for 2014.
Gamification involves using video-game techniques—including points, badges and leaderboards—to make your HR connections more interactive and to reward staff and applicants for their contributions. …show more content…

• Change games one or two times a year to prevent boredom.
• Use gamification as a supplement.
• Don’t replace traditional recognition and rewards.
• Gamification works best with jobs and activities that are repetitive and have measurable results.”

Business Management Daily (2014), According to the HR specialists an estimate of 70% of the global businesses will utilize minimum of one gamified application. Gamification is one of the top human resource technologies in this era. HR can use recruiting games to improve soft skill as well as personality. It also claims to reveal key skills such as efficiency (How well do a candidate process and respond to the information), social intelligence (How they respond to social cues), conscientiousness (How much they try to understand the things).
There are certain tips on how to use Gamification:
• Games which are includes should provide social recognition, financial rewards.
• To prevent boredom among the candidates there should be a change in games one or two times in a year.
• Gamification should not replace traditional recognition and rewards instead it should be used as a supplement.
• Job activities that are repetitive and measurable gives best result under Gamification.

2. “There are now more Americans playing videogames than not, and half of all gamers are under the age of 35. Furthermore, most parents, at least in the U.S., think that video games have a

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