Online Learning Is A Thing Of The Future

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Online learning has become a thing of the future. Online learning become very popular in today’s society as a form of obtaining a college degree. Online learning is growing in numbers by the day and the numbers will probably increase in the future. This way of learning has spiral over communication by via internet, television, and conventional colleges as well. The thought of getting a degree in the convenience of your home, working a full time job, cheaper than conventional education, and never to set foot in a classroom has spark the interest of many learners. It has been said that online learning has cut the cost of education as much as 60%. However, just like the young learner, there are also the adult learners that find themselves going back to school at a later age. To obtain a degree, the learner, whether it is a young or adult learner, success depends on maturity, motivation, discipline, experience, and interest. When learners have achieved their objectives, learning styles, and comprehend what they have learned, the process will become easy to obtain the degree that is desired. Online learning is a process in learning materials is available through technology anytime and anywhere. These materials can be through internet, computers, video, audio, and multimedia. Adult learners are working adults that prefer a different set up verses the traditional setup because of work schedules and family. Adults like the fact of choosing their own…

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