Online Shopping Issues

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Nowadays with the rapid development and increasing popularity of the information technology, Online shopping has become a fashion, especially for young people due to online world has made our lives more convenient. However, it has various problems people can faced when they shop on the internet. It is important, therefore, for the buyer to be aware of this issue so that they can avoid much losses. Two key major dilemmas relating to online shopping are credit risk and wrong product description. This essay will discuss both these concerns, and measures that can be taken to ameliorate these challenge for buyer will be provided and evaluated. One problem of shopping online is credit risk, although it brings us convenience, it also brings us some negative effects at the same time. Credit problems of online shopping are rising obviously because of the rapid development of online shopping. In particular, in most cases lots of criminal use a stolen card to withdraw cash or pay due to the users’ personal information and bank card information are disclosed without any precaution. It might be lead to personal information has been abused and cause financial losses. According to MITTAL (2017), network security is a big problem, and if the website does not have strict network security measures, the customer's data might fall into the hands of criminals, such as name, address, bank card information and phone number. Therefore, personal awareness of prevention is important. In addition,

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