Online Technology, Mainly The Use Of Internet, Was Not

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Online technology, mainly the use of internet, was not prevalent until the 1990s. The ease of finding information on any topic took time and effort before the internet took over. This meant that if one wanted to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, he or she must actively be searching for the information. Sources such as fitness magazines, commercial ads, and articles in the newspaper were the popular outlets of the fitness industry that helped lead people to healthier lives pre-1990s. Misinformation was propagated throughout these fitness magazines according to a study done by Shimansky which says, “while many of the magazines in the study did cover a variety of topics each month, they were generally superfluous and not accurately …show more content…

These programs and plans can be accessed within seconds and they do not cost any money. Based on my two-year experience with researching and finding plans through this app, I have had positive results on my strength gains and physique. BodyBuilding also provides a forum that allows anybody to ask questions related to fitness and nutrition. This forum is useful when an experienced fitness or nutrition trainer answers the questions and provides evidence for their advice. Information from this forum can easily be checked by finding other sources on the internet that relate to the question. This app shows that through the technological advances of the internet, one can easily access free, quality information regarding fitness and nutrition in seconds. As well as providing free fitness and nutrition programs, BodyBuilding sells supplements that help one achieve a healthy lifestyle. A popular supplement such as whey protein powder is widely used by many athletes to alleviate hunger. This protein powder can be used as a substitute for an unhealthy snack such as junk foods. Taking protein powder after training is also shown to “reduce muscle soreness and markers of muscle damage become more evident when supplemental protein is consumed after daily training sessions ("Effects of Protein Supplements on Muscle Damage, Soreness and Recovery of Muscle Function and Physical Performance: A Systematic Review" 1).” All

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