Ontario School Council System Of Aboriginal Parental, Elder Of Native And Non Native Canadians

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This study investigated Ontario school council inclusiveness pertaining to Aboriginal peoples. A case study was conducted with a cross section of Native and non-Native Canadians who were directly or indirectly involved in school council-related activities. The study investigated school council inclusiveness pertaining specifically to Aboriginal peoples. The findings reveal the need of a school council system of Aboriginal parental, elder and community participation and involvement as a strategy leading to improved Native inclusiveness and education relevancy, excellence and equity in the public education system, pertaining specifically to Aboriginal children, youth and adults.

In their paper “Spielraum and Teaching,” Roth, Lawless, and Masciotra claim that the concept of reflection-in-action, as articulated by Donald Schon (1983, 1987), is only minimally applicable to teaching. Teachers must be “present” to their students, and the unfolding teaching situation in a way that leaves little room for one-the-spot reflection. In this review of their paper, we acknowledge that the authors make important points about the need or flexibility and responsiveness in teaching. However, we argue that Schon’s concept of reflection-in-action is indeed relevant to the practice of teaching. Not only are teachers capable of extensive reflection while they teach, such reflection is essential if they are to make the adjustments required by attentive teaching.

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