Opium Poppy Drug Heroin

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Heroin Heroin is a widely used opioid, a study done in 2007 by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that there are 153,000 heroin users in the United States, however other studies have found this number to be much higher (Foundation for a Drug-Free World.). Heroin can be in a powder or liquid form ranging in color from white to black (Heroin Facts. (2017, August)). Heroin comes from the Opium Poppy plant, once it grows it is cut open and a white liquid comes out of it which is later turned into Morphine by adding hot water. After the morphine is mixed with other substances to make the drug Heroin (C. (2016, October 12)). The plant Opium Poppy has been around since the Mesopotamian and Sumerian cultures. The First Opium War in 1839…show more content…
(2016, October 12)). Some people can become addicted after their first time using the drug. Once the person uses they may experience a rush, some may feel tired, can feel foggy (this is from the drug slowing the Central Nervous System down (C. (2016, October 12)), may vomit, their breathing can also become dangerously slow (Foundation for a Drug-Free World. (2005). When the drug starts to wear off the person will want to take more of it some withdrawal symptoms are described as “painful flu-like symptoms” (C. (2016, October 12)). Using the drug for a long time can also cause the user to have health issues as well such as collapsed veins, infection, and abscesses ((C. (2016, October 12)). With some of the additives that are put in the drug it can cause clotting in the blood but some may also cause an overdose (C. (2016, October 12)). While heroin is an extremely addictive drug there is also different strains of heroin black tar this type of heroin is cheaper than regular heroin but is stronger and more addictive (C. (2016, October 12)), cheese heroin is a mix of black tar heroin and Tylenol PM, this too is very addictive and can cause the users breathing to stop (Foundation for a Drug-Free World. (2005), China White is another strain of heroin that is mixed with Fentanyl (White Heroin. (16, February 8)). Depending on how heroin is used depends on how quickly the user can feel its effects it can range from 7-8 seconds to 10-15 minutes depending on the way it is administered ((C. (2016, October
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