Opportunities And Risks Associated With Nurses Using Social Media

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In this essay, I shall consider the question of the opportunities and risks associated with nurses using social media. I will look at how social media provides a channel of communication between nurses and keeps nurses informed with current news occurring world-wide. However, there are risks to social media being used inadequately, in terms of receiving inaccurate knowledge from an unknown source and nurses using social media unethically. I will suggest that professionalism for nurses is to be maintained with the practice of legal, ethical and professional standards regards to the use of social media. The International Nurse Regulator Collaborative (2014) cites that social media are networking sites for online interaction. This…show more content…
Oxtoby (2014) interviewed Teresa Chinn, a co-ordinator for a group of nurses on Twitter whom do weekly chats. Chinn believes social media helps nurses to help connect with each other if anyone is ever in the benefit of the doubt with a situation at hand. In any medical issue faced in health care it is the many minds of health care professionals that will collectively find a solution to the situation. Furthermore, social media keeps nurses updated to recent medical advances and current outbreaks occurring in the world today. Nurses have an advantage in terms of being aware of this knowledge that is shared on social media. This makes it very useful for linking added knowledge, for example, concerning a health consumer’s symptoms to a recent outbreak that is occurring. Barry and Hardiker (2012) cites, using social media in the health care community nurses can update one another of first hand news medically related. Especially for nurses located in the rural and remote communities, isolated from one on one interactions with fellow health care professionals, social media connects nurses with each other (Rutledge et al., 2011). However, there is the possibility of receiving inaccurate information from an unknown source. In terms of conversing with supposed nurses through social media. There is no solid evidence of the users on the other end of the spectrum whether they are qualified

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