Oppression Against Jews And Anti-Semitism

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Throughout our history, public issues have always been around and discussed. There have been issues in society which still to this day are ongoing, and others which come and go depending on the time, environment and audience. Some public issues can be seen as positive, whereas others have negative connotations attached, and can affect society. Anti- Semitism relates to a hostility against Jews. This can be seen through the history of the Jewish people, and the many persecutions, trauma and racism they have fought over thousands of years. Some has been documented, and others passed down from generation to generation. This has a damaging effect on the Jewish people as individuals, and others in the community who are affected by this on- going exploitation. A current and recent issue was the Charlottesville riots in America, where a group of white supremacists went after the Jews. They chanted through a university in Virginia, “Jews will not replace us”, because they are scared that the Jewish people are going to take over the media, jobs, education and manipulate the minds of everyone throughout the society, that is why they are the only ‘white people’ that are constantly targeted by the white supremacists.
This specific public issue contributes to oppression at all three levels, which includes the personal, cultural and political dimensions. Oppression, which is a control of inferior groups within society by an influential group (Mullaly 2010), can occur on many different

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