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Even though the times have changed, many characteristics from the past still impact the world of art today. Characteristics from the Baroque period, Classical period, and Romantic period have had their share of impact on today’s society. In order to fully develop an overall understanding of how defining each of these eras are, one must expose themselves to the vastly varying eras’ music, and other art forms including paintings. First in chronological order of these three eras, is the Baroque Era. The Baroque Era began roughly around the year 1600 and ended during the late 18th century. Baroque is generally characterized as an era with eccentric redundancy and also an abundance of details. Many art forms throughout this period resembled …show more content…
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Following the Baroque era was the Classical Era. Classical music often times represented complex emotional feelings in the music. The classical era brought forth a few new styles of music composition. One is known as symphony. Symphonies are normally multi movement works(10) containing four movements therefore resulting in dramatically longer pieces than the preceding era. Symphony orchestras contained the string instruments. To the strings were added wind instruments, usually the oboe and bassoon and fairly frequently the flute. The clarinet was introduced and gradually became a regular member of the orchestra. However, the brass section(11) was not yet introduced. The only brass instrument that was normally included was the French horn. Trumpets, along with the timpani or kettle drums, were used only for reinforcing volume or rhythm. Another form that developed from this era was sonata form(12) which was structured through binary form(13). The classical suite(14) also was derived from this era. Variety of melodies, rhythms and dynamics using crescendo, diminuendo and sforzando(15) were more commonplace in the Classical period than they had been in the Baroque.
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