Organic Food Persuasive Research Paper

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My dear, I tried, but stopping the whole world from doing something is not as easy as you may think. I tried to talk people into being more careful, more helpful, but everyone is not like us. A lot of people just care about the present, not the future. Those people are the reason that I had troubles in my age and you guys have these problems now. No matter how much we all wish that one day come that everyone agrees about everything, everything will be fine and in peace, but that’s something that it’s not going to happen. No matter how much proof you have, no matter how hard you try, there’s always those people who wants to disagree with others, to do something against others because they think it’s going to show how “cool” they are or how much they’re smarter than others, while in reality they’re the fools who got us into these troubles at the first place. Another problem was the lack of education. A lot of people all around the world didn’t know about global warming or what cause it or how they could prevent it. When you see people in united state, which is one of the most advance countries in the world, there was still people who denied global warming, tried to prove…show more content…
It’s all a cycle. The food system now is hurting the planet with producing a lot of CO2 and green house gases and so that’s going to cause global warming and that’s going to destroy our planet and our lives. For me, personally as a college student is not really easy to start eating healthy and organic food all the time, all of a sudden. It’s expensive, it takes time, especially when I have classes one after another so I don’t have time to go home to cook and eat something or go to an organic restaurant and wait for my food, and so the only option that I have is fast food, but after seeing those poor animals I feel really bad, and so I’m going to start trying as much as I could. I’m going to read the labels more and try to eat as healthy as
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