Persuasive Speech On Organic Food

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Intro: Forty One cents. Two dollars and thirty four cents. These are two different prices of the same apple. At a store like Walmart, you can get a bag of about twelve GM apples for a total of four dollars and ninety two cents. Whereas if you were to buy the same organic apple, it would cost more than twenty eight dollars for the same amount. That is almost six times the cost, but because they are organic, they are believed to be healthier, and better. An average apple recipe typically calls for four or five apples, so when a culinary class with six different kitchen groups is making a recipe, they would need around twenty-four to thirty apples, that is a lot of apples, and a lot of cents. Even though eating organic food is better for your body, and seems to be the better choice, it can be hard for a culinary teacher to choose this option because it can cost the teacher lot of money for each lab, which would make the teacher have to do less cooking labs with the class. I have taken a lot of culinary classes, since I’ve been in highschool, not only because I love to cook, but because I love to eat. Food is amazing because in every country, in every culture, food is different. Depending on where it is from, it uses different spices, different herbs, different flavors, different everything. It shows how each culture is different, and it can teach you about the those cultures, each food has a different story behind it, each dish has its own place in history. When I was in 5th
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