Research Paper On Organic Foods

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Organic Foods Lately the term organic has been trending among the food world. Everyone is curious to know what makes organic better than conventionally grown foods. Well there is a difference and its simple. One requires the use of harmful fertilizers and pesticides; the other does not. So, when it comes to choosing healthier food choices, organically grown food is your best option, here’s why.
First of all, the counter argument needs to be addressed. Many argue that there is not a significant difference between organic and conventional foods. Disagreements often sound like, “There is very little scientific evidence to support any health benefits for organic products” (Andrei). Opponents of organic food have argued that it is too expensive and not at all worth the high price. They state that “Organic has become a synonym for luxury” (Andrei). Many are choosing to eat organic simply because they can afford it. Although organic food is supposedly healthier, “A 2009 meta-analysis…said there was no nutrient difference in organic versus conventional” (Andrei). This was shocking to many and therefore more research was conducted. In fact, “A 2012 study found slightly higher phosphorous levels in organic produce...” (Andrei). So what does this mean? Is organic actually better? Or is it just an expensive trend?
To begin with, lets acknowledge the background of how the organic movement came into perspective. In the light of, the twentieth century all forms of farming were organic.

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