Is Organic Food Better Than Regular Food?

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Is organic food better than regular food? This is a topic that is debated, mainly focusing on if organic is better for the environment, the economy, and for people's health. There is research that has been done and arguments made for both for and against organic food. While there are some benefits to eating organically, I would choose regular food over organic food.
Economically, regular food is a better option than organic food. Regular food costs significantly less money per pound to purchase than the organic options. A 2015 consumer report shows that the price per pound for regular zucchini was 0.99 cents, while the price for the organic zucchini was $3.99. Both food items are zucchini, but because the second was grown organically it costs a lot more per pound than the one grown regularly. It isn’t practical to pay that much more for organic food, especially since not everyone can afford to pay that much for food, meaning organic is not the best option for everyone. Some people may say that the price for organic food is worth the health benefits, but only the rich can afford to have an organic lifestyle and the upper class can afford to have gym memberships and buy expensive health foods. They can afford to have an overall healthy lifestyle, but for the middle and lower classes, buying organic is not an affordable option. Organic food also costs the United States “at least $100 billion annually” (Lomborg), a lofty amount of money for food whose sales totaled only

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