Organics Vs Organic Food

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The term “organic” has been highly overrated throughout recent years. Considered to be better for the environment and for a person’s health, organics are believed to be a better option when purchasing food, when in reality they are just as good compared to regular food. Even so, organics have more drawbacks rather than benefits. With organics high price, lack of nutritional value, and environmental upset, it is no wonder why a majority of the population chooses to purchase regular food over organics.
While organics may be healthier compared to regular food, the high price of organics is impractical for members in the community. Money is a key factor for consumers when purchasing food and most people do not want to give in to the high price tag when there are other options for a better deal. A pound of beef for instance, costs $9.99 organically while a regular pound of beef only costs $6.49, according to a 2015 consumer report. Based on the lower price tag, people are more prone to buy the regular beef as they can gain a necessary source of protein yet sustain the budget they desire. . When purchasing food, prices need to be considered as the views of the buyers can be changed if a product is worth more than what they want to spend. Compared to organic food, it is more reasonable for people to purchase regular food as the lower price tag allows them to buy larger quantities and varieties. Additionally, organic foods disregard different social classes within the community.
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