Organic Foods Vs Organic Food

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Madyson Forseth English 1 Cherif Correa 1st Draft Exploratory Essay My family and my grandmother have become very familiar with gardening because we’ve had years of experience. Every year my dad helps my grandma till her garden to get ready for the season of growing vegetables. I love being able to step outside of my back door and have a garden right in front of me. It’s awesome being able to grow our own vegetables and pick them when they are ripe. Ever since my dad started planting our own garden I have become curious to know what it means to be considered organic? Why are organic foods more expensive than non-organic foods? These are just a few questions I thought of when thinking about organic foods. I thought it would be interesting …show more content…

What makes something organic and why do they have the name organic? According to the article, “Can you dig it?” organic means “naturally intended” (Lisa, Truesdale). Organic products are expensive and must get certified to be labeled organic by the USDA. This article also gives lots of support on reasons why people should have an organic garden because it can help them and the environment by using natural fertilizers instead of using hazardous fertilizers—like using coffee grounds. Having your own organic garden, you often have more control over the earth than you think. You are also helping your own health and the planet when going organic. I found it interesting when the author said, “When growing your own goods, you’re reducing your carbon footprint, instead of getting in your car and driving to the store for food and ingredients that may have been shipped in from across the world” (Can dig it? By Lisa Truesdale). When you grow your own garden you have the ability to pick your own vegetables in the garden; in which you have more control of the choice of food you consume. The food grown in your own garden is a lot of the time fresher than most grocery stores and healthier for themselves and their family. Organically grown vegetables contain 20-40% more antioxidants than non-organic vegetables. Organic gardening helps the environment and the creatures living in it. Organisms such as

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