Organisation Study of Rado Tyres Kothamangalam

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CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1. INTRODUCTION An organization is a planned co-ordination of a group of people and their joint efforts for the achievement of the specific goals of the organization. An organization study involves the study of the structure and the functioning of its various departments. Organizing or organization is one of the important functions of Management. Organizations may vary, but they have certain common features. All are collection of people linked together by formal and informal relationships. It is the correlation of hierarchical orders with identical boundaries. So the organization study is important for future managers. Structure of an organization is very important for its…show more content…
Unstructured Interviews * Various department heads as well as assistants were contacted and by asking questions adequate information was collected. * Secondary Data Secondary data for the study was collected from; * Various books * Journals * Annual reports * Company website etc…. 1. 5 LIMITATIONS Any study cannot be 100% accurate or valid everywhere and at all times. This is because of certain limitations that could be present in such a study. The main limitations of this study are: * Error in data collection may be there to some extent and this may lead to inaccurate results. * The insufficient details obtained from various departments and from the company as a whole may affect the study to a great extent. * Employees and others might have some biased views and this would affect the findings to a certain extent. * The time provided was very limited. * Busy schedule of officers and employees prevented lengthy discussions. CHAPTER II PROFILE 2.1 INDUSTRY PROFILE Tyres and tubes, the strategic rubber products and basic supplements to the automotive vehicles are of utmost importance to the country’s economy. The tyre industry sector is providing direct employment to over 40,000 people and indirect employment to lakh of people. This industry sector is now being considered
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