Organization And Management Of A Health Care Facility.

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Organization and Management of a Health Care Facility Healthcare organizations consist of a multidisciplinary staff and various areas that need to be scrutinized to ensure they are operating efficiently. Managing a hospital staff is a tremendous responsibility, the 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital requires a monthly report to stay abreast of the team 's conduct. Managing the staff competency is essential doctors, nurses, and allied professionals have various certifications that need to be continually verified to check validity. The overall hospital performance is vital therefore the facility must be monitored for any emerging legal matters to find a quick resolution. A specialized team will be in place to create organizational…show more content…
A team that does not implement an organizational structure will create a chaotic work atmosphere. The is a method is important to maintain order and structure, which is critical to the success of the facility. The lack of adequate procedures will contribute to the poor patient care and unnecessary legal matters. Mission Statement The 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital mission is to deliver superior, affordable medical care to the people that we serve, with a high level of respect, integrity, and compassion. According to Gulati, Mikhail, Morgan & Sittig (2016), A mission statement identifies the organization 's strategies, priorities and include the company 's core values and principles. The hospital mission statement expresses to the consumers that they are committed to meeting the objectives that are in place for the facility. In the healthcare sector, a majority of mission statements articulates the desire to provide optimal care for those whom they serve which is crucial to the consumer; consequently, they will understand that the service the organization delivers is in their best interest and is capable meeting their needs. Value Statement The Hospital will use the key components of the value statement as a guide for the actions of the healthcare professionals to guarantee they are in line with the mission statement. The value and mission statement work collectively to express to the community what

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