Organization Recommendations for Safeway Essay

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Any successful organization in in the 21st century should have a mission and a vision. When an organization has a foundation and a purpose for existence, they will have the basic qualities of a successful establishment. To follow through with a mission, a vision must be created. A vision is based off of a company’s purpose for existence and formation of long-term goals. Without goals, an organization has nothing to work for and no reason to become successful. While working at Safeway, I was aware of the mission of the company and the vision that the company had.
This organization relied on the customers that walked through the door every day; this was evident in the mission statement. Their mission was to earn loyalty from customers …show more content…

This culture brought negative effects and positive effects to organization. The major drawback of this culture was the suffering work environment; with the focus of the organization being external, many employees felt pressured to complete their assignments on time. Additionally, some people felt that their hours would be taken away if they did not complete their job with perfection. This tense work environment proved to create resentment towards certain people and generated a form of competitiveness that was deemed harmful for the employees.
Although the achievement culture contained a few drawbacks, there were a few perks that allowed the organization to succeed. Many department managers had a goal oriented mentality, this mentality allowed them to become creative in how to meet their goals. When sales goals were met, bonuses and rewards were given to department managers. This type of personal initiative gives employees a reason to work and to want to help the organization. Additionally, when sales goals are met there is usually an increase payroll for the company; this increase in payroll allows workers to work more hours and be more financially stable.
In order to continue the success of this company and increase the profitability of this organization, a few changes should take place. My first recommendation is to modify the mission statement. Although the mission statement is present in the

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