Organization Structure Essay

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Essay1:- Imagine your new CEO wants to reorganize the AAA Management Company so it is more efficient and effective. Look at the model below and analyze the CEO’s reorganization plan. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the structure he proposed, and then reorganize the structure so it provides optimal benefits to operations of the company.

AAA Management's New Organizational Structure | CIO | CEO | CTO | CPO | Vice Presidents | CSO CKO | Managers | Analysts |

Essay Answer1:- Let’s look at the different roles and responsibility of title listed above before going into discussion for effective reorganization.
CEO: The job title, CEO (Chief executive officer),
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Today, most companies strategically differentiate themselves from their competitors through the use of IT systems. The chief information officer (CIO) is responsible for (1) overseeing all uses of information technology and (2) ensuring the strategic alignment of IT with business goals and objectives. The CIO often reports directly to the CEO. CIOs must possess a solid understanding of every aspect of an organization coupled with tremendous insight into the capability of IT.
Broad roles of a CIO include: * Manager —ensure the delivery of all IT projects, on time and within budget. * Leader —ensure the strategic vision of IT is in line with the strategic vision of the organization. * Communicator —advocates and communicates the IT strategy by building and maintaining strong executive relationships.
Although CIO is considered a position within IT, CIOs must be concerned with more than just IT(Baltzan, 2011).

The chief technology officer (CTO) is responsible for ensuring the throughput, speed, accuracy, availability, and reliability of an organization’s information technology. CTOs have direct responsibility for ensuring the efficiency of IT systems throughout the organization. Most CTOs possess
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