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Organization is Crucial When Making a Sound Argument

The development of animal rights organizations in the past century has made hunting a heated topic for debate. Modernization has left the primitive form of hunting and gathering behind as an obsolete form of human survival. With this occurrence one would think that hunting would lose its popularity, but this statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. It has developed more as a sport and participation is still widespread throughout the United States. Animal rights groups are constantly making efforts to voice their opinions, but hunters are entitled to argue the issue as well. Writer Jonathon Detwiler speaks on behalf of the hunter by trying to repel the accusations of …show more content…

In his sources section, he has gathered information that reinforces his earlier examples through local newspaper articles (The Greensboro News Company) on car accidents caused by animals. Even though he doesn’t cite these sources in his own article, it’s obvious that he made an effort to gain resources that helped support hunting, as an ethical matter, from neutral sources, such as local newspapers. His use of credibility extends into other argumentative points in his article. The economy also benefits from hunting, which can be proven by the Detwiler’s contacts with the South Dakota Fish and Game Department. They estimate a “contribution of $14 billion dollars…and supports more than 300,000 jobs,” is done by hunters annually. This statement could have been used more effectively, but the author neglects in listing how hunters exactly contribute so much money to the economy and how they create 300,000 jobs.

Along with the several credible examples used in Detwiler’s essay are many logical arguments made on behalf of hunting, but lose their strength due to its organization. Several people would agree with the author on the need for animal population control. The dilemma is that the same people want animals to be treated as humanly as possible. “One particular example affects many individuals a day is that of deer getting run over by vehicles,” is a good point, but his word choice is confusing and makes a logical point seem feeble. A

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