Organizational Adoption Of Social Media

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Summary The article review is for the research paper named Organizational Adoption of Social Media in the USA: A Mixed Method Approach, written by Ivan Alfaro, Siddhartha Bhattacharyya and Mary Beth Watson from the department of Information and Decision Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The literature reviews that the authors have referenced have mainly focused on how organizations are using social media technologies to interact with its customers and other stakeholders. The paper focuses on the in-depth and different functional areas business organizations use social media tools to take their competitive advantage a step further. The adoption of Information Technology techniques should bring IT value to the organizations. Organizations should adopt a new technology to support key activities in the firm’s value chain. Organizations need to maintain an adequate IT infrastructure. This includes supporting the current technological platform, as well as proactively searching for ways to embrace new IT innovations or exploit existing IT resources to create new business opportunities. The firm should develop a clear strategic vision for the role that the adopted technology will play on the organization. The research uses a Mixed Method Approach that combines data mining, context analysis techniques and text mining algorithms to examine the adoption of social media across multiple industries. The research paper is unique, as it not only focuses on how businesses

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