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Mission Plan to Achieve Goals

Bay State Medical Center’s mission statement is to improve the health of the people in our communities every day with quality and compassion. This mission statement is very clear and I am sure that every hospital has this very same mission in mind for just being in the system of health care. Bay State Medical Center also has forecasts for the future of Health Care and look at themselves with a vision for the Hospital of the Future. This vision is named “Vision 2025” according to their online website and they look to the future of the hospital with goals of having surgical precision, robotics and patient simulation and how medical students will be trained. Currently every health system is looking at a
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The population that may not do the survey may still need health care and still depend upon the health care system using the emergency rooms when and if they need to. The middle class population may still go to their primary care physician for most care but then seek to cure themselves with over the counter supplies and some still choose not to get extensive health care because they know they cannot afford the costs of inpatient care due to their health care coverage or for other reasons, even some cultural.
With many living in poverty and on unemployment whether by choice or due to lack of insurance, the crime rates rise also leading to risky behaviors. These risky behaviors sometimes end up leading to the emergency room settings. This increases the cost of health care with no primary care physician available.
Nurses sometimes are overworked and put on mandatory overtime schedules. This also leads to nurses sometimes demanding more pay for their time and contracts being looked over and renewed for more pay. This adds to the health care cost system as well. In western Massachusetts we tend to spend more per patient than the national average in Medicare costs. This leads to the health care system costs as well but if consumer demand is there, we must supply and meet that demand and find a way to be efficient and effective at the same time. With efficiency and effectiveness in mind, should nurses be paid more or should there be temporary nurses
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