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Organizational Behavior In today's high demanding world it is important for employees to understand the framework of their company. For an employee to be truly successful, they must have an understanding of organizational behavior, culture and diversity, communication, effectiveness and efficiency, and learning. Organizational behavior (OB) could be defined as the study that investigates the impact of individual and group dynamics in an organizational setting…show more content…
Two essential functions of organizational culture are external adaptation and internal integrations. External adaptation involves reaching goals and tasks, methods used to achieve goals, and ways of coping with success and defeat. Through team members shared experiences, they develop common notions to guide though their day-to-day activities (Schermerhorn et al.). At PBG we share sales experiences with other team members in hope to follow are goal and belief to defeat Coke. Internal integration "deals with the creation of a collective identity and with finding ways of matching methods of working and living together"(Schermerhorn et al.). Three important aspects of working together are deciding who is a member and who is not, developing an informal understanding of both acceptable and unacceptable behavior, and separating friends from enemies (Schermerhorn et al.). In today's global economy internal integration will face more difficult obstacles with a more diverse workforce. In today's global market companies are placing more of an emphasis on diversity. Diversity being, "the presence of individual differences based on gender, race and ethnicity, age, able-bodied ness, and sexual orientation"(Schermerhorn et al.,

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