Organizational Change And The Cardiac And Vascular Outpatient Unit ( Cav )

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Organizational Change Change in healthcare is an inevitable certainty (Sullivan, 2013).Organizational change is mandatory to prevent stagnation. Change is often not a welcome process. In healthcare, how new policies and process are initiated and prepared for is crucial to its successful implementation. The purpose of this paper is to chronicle a proposed organizational change, using a selected theory of change. Unit Problem On the cardiac and vascular outpatient unit(CAV) patients are seen for a variety of procedures including cardiac catheterizations, arterial angiograms, thrombosis of arteriovenous grafts(AV grafts), placement of new lines and pacemakers. While this area is a predominantly outpatient area, some of the procedures require an overnight stay. Procedures such as new pacemaker insertions or, infusion of clots are usually scheduled and will automatically require an inpatient unit. The nature of the procedures performed on this unit may also warrant an admission. For instance a routine catheterization may require stenting which would lead to an admission. An emergent fistulagram (invasive checking of the AV graft) could also lead to patient status changes. The unit is considered an outpatient unit and is not staffed around the clock. The problem arises when the hospital has a waiting list from the emergency room and our patients are excluded from the list or added to the list after the emergency room patients. The results delays patient admissions from our

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