Changing Internal And External Factors Of The Home Health And Hospice Sector

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Organizations need to change in order to stay competitive or to respond to changing internal or external factors. This is especially true in Healthcare, specifically the Home Health and Hospice sector. The trigger event, which required this change, is the sequestration and rebasing from the Centers of Medicare and Medicare. A trigger event is a shift in the internal or external environment which necessitates the need for a firm to change (Spector, 2013, p. 14). The following essay will discuss the most significant problems the company might face as it implements change and how it relates to the sequential model of effective change implementation. This model notates the most optimal way to utilize tools, as well as, the best way to…show more content…
As a result, they can affect items that are working properly, as well as, incur associated cost without the benefits (Taylor, 2015). Next, the firm should glide toward step 1, which is the redesign or the adaptation of the individual’s roles, responsibilities, and relationships (Spector, 2013, p. 42). This step allows the employee’s to discover who they need to work with, how they will benefit the company strategy, and the outcomes they wish to achieve. In this particular scenario for illustration, the team of nurses, therapist, tech, and schedulers will needs to work together, discover what they needs to do to make an impact (minimizing wasting products or ensuing they charge them out to the patient), and move from only providing quality care to providing quality, cost effective care. The importance here is that the employees devised this new concept rather than top management forcing it down the chain. This area can also present some potential problems. The team or organization can be risk adverse and fear making mistakes or failing (Recklies, 2001). For example, if 2 options are available, the person will go with the one that has lower risk instead of the one that may be more risky and provide a higher return or better outcome. Moreover, employees may be resistant to change as they are uncomfortable with it, do not see the new skills as beneficial, or they prefer the status quo. The second step, help, requests

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