Organizational Concepts Of Organizational Vocabulary

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Organizational Change Vocabulary Increasing my organizational vocabulary is particularly useful for me given that my organization is in the process of a long-term transition due to environmental changes in moving from a print based business to a digital based business. The company has also embarked on transformational change starting in 2013 to reduce costs, and increase market share in emerging markets where the education aged demographics will be growing in the future. The first change to radically restructure the company from a series of holding companies to one operating company with centralization of back-office systems with shared products that are to be localized regionally was implemented by the consulting company Deliotte. The company is learning what does and does not work, and is not revising the organization in response to lessons learned with the Hay Consulting Group. I reviewed the main change management models to acquaint myself with the processes both consulting groups have employed, and chose key terms that I have heard during my experience, or have been introduced to me as part of the course readings. Unfreezing, moving, refreezing: Lewin’s theory involves leadership unfreezing the organizational environment by causing discomfort for the individuals within the organization to gain acknowledgement and support for the need for change (Spector, 2013; Zenab Kazmi & Naarananoja, 2013). Once individuals in the organization become aware of the need for
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