Organizational Change Essay

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Change Management
A need for growth in any organization to stay a viable entity must occur. Organizational change is inevitable. Just like anything in life, markets and cultures change which require constant attention and preparation. In order to be successful in any market, an organization has to be able transform itself to the needs for the market. CrysTel is no stranger to change. CrysTel is a telecommunication company with over 2500 employees and a gross income of approximately $200 million a year. Products included in there list of services include data cables, wireless solutions, and network development. The product profile is data cables, wireless solutions and network development. Because of the nature of …show more content…

The Sales/Delivery and Marketing departments have shown the most need for improvement, developing a learning culture and promoting innovation can help an organization sustain change. Maintaining a learning culture by identifying possible resistance, implementing behavioral action plans, and evaluating implemented behavior is essential for smooth transitions. CrysTel has come to a point where change is needed in order to continue and maintain success. After assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the organization based on behavioral parameters, Change is constant.

Change Model
In developing an organization and preparing for the changes necessary a reliable change management plan is often required to overcome workplace resistance when employees are presented with a new way of doing things. Change management is a strategy designed to transition from the status quo to some new ideal way of doing business. CrysTel, a growing telecommunications company, finds itself in a very dynamic industry that along with frequent advances in technology will dictate that it adapt to rapid and persistent changes. Developing a successful change management plan for CrysTel will have distinct goals: optimize flexibility, promote innovation, and sustain change. Change management at CrysTel will involve identifying the strengths and weaknesses of departments within the

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