Organizational Culture As A Key Aspect That Influences Engineering Management

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Engineering management is the science and art of organizing, staffing, planning, controlling and directing work processes so as to obtain and achieve shared objectives and goals. Again, in organizational culture, the discipline mainly deals with five human resources that include machines, money, materials and time. When all that is obtained, an engineer in management should inculcate the proper, efficient and effective utilization of resources in a short period with minimal costs. For that purpose, in organizational culture, engineering management is considered as art because it utilizes the skills and techniques of engineers doing work activities. Moreover, it is considered as a science because it works hand in hand with specific standard procedures and systems in doing work chaos (Blockley 45).
On the whole, Henry Fayol designed certain scientific principles that organizational engineers could certainly rely on to attain set goals and objectives. Therefore, this paper will explore organizational culture as a key aspect that influences engineering management. In achieving these objectives, the first section of the paper will provide a brief literature review about engineering organizational culture, and detailed consequent discussion of the topic chosen. Finally, the paper provides conclusive recommendations that can be employed by engineering students’ to improve the concept of organizational culture in engineering management.
Literature Review
A culture is a way of life
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