Organizational Culture and Team Performance

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The term also deals with the nature of the work as well (Kudisch et al. 1995). There are several factors that come into play when people interact in works. Understanding organizational culture is becoming increasingly important since the work is becoming a global village and people with diverse background and culture have to interact and work effectively in any work.
Culture in the organizational perspective can be illustrated as the combined behaviors of individuals, their approach towards diverse elements of business such as customers, co-workers, shareholders and the universal values that they share, which in reality acts as a binding force between them.
During the last few decades, academics and practitioners have considerable time at exploring the subject of corporate culture and if a company's culture has any kind of impact on its general performance and efficacy. Empirical literature and research focused to ascertain a direct association between organizational culture and effectiveness dates back to previous studies dealing with culture and change. In a study of organizational change by Kanter, he revealed how organizations having progressive HR management practices go one better than the ones with less progressive practices. Denison (1984) showed that obvious participation and…
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