Organizational Development Case Study

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Special Skills:
* Strategic planning development As a returning leader to the Native American Student Association, I oversaw the creation of a five-year strategic plan for organizational growth and engagement with the UT Vol-Vision 2020 master plan.
*Organizational development As a sophomore at UT, I saw a need to recognize and support Native American students and culture. With guidance from faculty advisors, we created founding documents for a new student organization.
*Nonprofit leadership/management
Multiple years of leadership roles in 6 nonprofits and over 10 organizations, I developed a team-oriented leadership style. This led to my nomination and induction into the
Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honors Society. …show more content…

*Contract negotiation As a leader for the Native American Student Association, I oversaw the negotiation and development of several performance and speaker contracts. This ensured the quality of programs such as the UT vs Kentucky football halftime show performers.
* RFP writing and management
In my previous position, I elicited multiple consultant proposals to assist in developing a
Housing Renewable Energy Plan. With the assistance of a team, I was charged with selecting the most qualified proposal and oversaw the successful implementation of the project. *Marketing campaign development and implementation Building on my creative insight, I design marketing materials and marketing campaigns to promote organizational platforms and fundraising. I now lead through my board position, the Nikwasi Initiative organization’s marketing committee and have seen significant increase in community engagement since the launch of their marketing campaign.
My mentorship experience began with participation in the Big Brother Big Sister program. Since that time, I have expanded my support to several UT undergraduate students and indigenous high school students preparing for college. Many of these mentees have since attributed their college and professional success to my influence.
*Refined multitasking
Conditioned since childhood to be highly engaged in multiple academic, athletic, and

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