Organizational Health And Safety Policies And Procedures

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Table of Contents Task 1 2 Major Positions in the Departments and Organizational Chart 2 Explanation and Relationships between different Functions/Processes 3 Key Aims Objectives and Mission of ABC Company and Process Map 4 Elements required to Build a Quality Gateway and Output of the Process 5 Plan to promote Goals and Objectives for ABC Company 6 Alignment of People and Other Resources using SMART Objectives 7 Appropriate Systems to Achieve Objectives 8 Work Activities meeting the Operational Plan 8 Task 2 9 Systems required to manage and monitor Quality Standards 9 Demonstration of Quality Culture 11 Recommendation of improvements aligning with the organization’s objectives and goals 11 Brief Report on Wider Implications of…show more content…
So in case of ABC Company, the management should need to focus on the different position of its departments and also make sure that they are flexible considering different situations. The major roles should be played by the different major position of the various departments in the company starting from the board mission statement to team members. Explanation and Relationships between different Functions/Processes The business processes or functions are considered as any processes that are performed by the company to produce and deliver the desired product or services (Burgess, 2001). In this particular process, there are several subsidiary processes can be involved. These processes are cross-functional and they can be basically divided in three categories. So, from the above diagram, it is quite concerned that the business processes are linked with each other, based on the value creation. So the relationship of the different processes of the company is bound by creating values. Selecting the inputs and transforming them into more valuable outputs is the process of value creation (Byrd and Megginson, 2013). So, in this way, the processes are interrelated with each other. Key Aims Objectives and Mission of ABC Company and Process Map In this particular case, the process mapping can be considered for ABC Company, which provides the visual aid to help
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